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Ad2 Board of Directors

Badassery at its finest


Becky Ohlin
President (president@ad2denver.com)
Branding Chair – Project Manager (branding@ad2denver.com)

Freelance Project Manager
Integrated Producer: Vladimir Jones

Born in CO, Becky has spent most of her life living along the front range. She attended CU and received her BENVD with an emphasis in Design. She is a Semester at Sea graduate and member of Boulder New Generations Rotary Club as well. She moved to Denver spring of 2013. Currently she is working as an Integrated Producer at Vladimir Jones.

Favorite Part About Living in Colorado:The bipolar weather, the close  at hand mix of city and mountain activities.
On the Weekends: There is always a new bar to try, or trail to hike, or food to eat. Usually doing some variation of those with
Strange-but-True: I can eat hot peppers without issues. Highest count at once so far is 5 ghost chili’s.


Maggie McEntee

Co Vice President (vicepresident@ad2denver.com)
Freelance Photographer LinkedIn

Maggie is a Rochester, NY native who made the trek to Colorado in 2010. After working in advertising in Denver for a handful of years, she decided to go back to her roots and start her own photography business. Growing up as a creative, active and adventurous individual, Maggie collectively fits into the Colorado lifestyle, while actively enjoying the advertising community as well.

Favorite Part About Living in Colorado: The mountain playground! There is so much to do and explore in the land of beauty.
On the Weekends: Mountains in the daytime and downtown at night; checking out art galleries, bars, restaurants or finding live music.
Strange-but-True: I’m on the journey to collect vintage cameras.

Keil Ahlbrandt
Co Vice President (vicepresident@ad2denver.com)
Marketing Coordinator: Radius Media Holdings

Keil graduated from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) in 2009 where she studied Sociology and Communications with an emphasis in Politics and a Business minor. As a Colorado native, she is very excited to be back in Denver and starting her career. After spending 4 years in Kansas, it is nice to know which direction is west again☺. Post college she worked the season in Vail and traveled throughout Europe. Finally, she realized her calling as a Marketing Coordinator/Office Manager for Radius Media Holdings (Proxy Partners, signlanguage, NRC 365 Mountain Network, and Denver Digital Network) where she thrives on the organized daily chaos with some of the best people around.

Favorite Part About Living in Colorado: No humidity!
On the Weekends: Golf, go to the mountains, spend time with family and friends
Strange-but-True: My first name is my mother’s maiden name…

Jenna Tully
Treasurer (treasurer@ad2denver.com)
Senior Recruiter: The Creative Group

This is Jenna’s 2nd year on the Ad2 Board as Treasurer. She currently is a Senior Recruiter at The Creative Group finding and placing the best advertising/marketing/PR talent in Denver/Boulder. She previously was in the ad agency world working as an Account Executive and Project Manager.

Favorite Part About Living in Colorado: Her favorite part about living in Colorado is the change of seasons – she originally comes from Florida where the seasons are hot and humid and hotter and humidor so she loves seeing the changes from winter to spring to summer to fall.
On the Weekends: She originally moved out here to be a ski bum in Breckenridge (skiing is one of her favorite things to do), and fell in love with the state and ended up staying and moving down to Denver.

Meredith Jackson
Secretary (secretary@ad2denver.com)
Digital Marketing Coordinator: Sports Authority

Meredith is a native of Des Moines, Iowa who made the decision to migrate west to Denver for college. Being a marketing and advertising nerd, she decided to join the board and helping to project manage MadDash during her final year at DU. The next step was obvious: take the leap and join the board of directors. Since graduating from DU with a BSBA in Marketing in June of 2013, she has joined the Sports Authority eCommerce team as the Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Favorite Part About Living in Colorado:Living in a big thriving city but being able to escape to the mountains.
On the Weekends:I spend my time baking, cooking, enjoying the outdoors, checking out all of the new restaurants and obviously..catching up on sleep!
Strange-but-True:I make homemade pasta at least once a week.

Bridget Mathieu
Public Service Chair (publicservice@ad2denver.com)
Account Executive: Heinrich Marketing

Bridget is on her way to earning a “Semi-Native” Colorado mountains bumper sticker. She was born and raised in Tucson, AZ (Go Wildcats!!) and studied Marketing and Spanish at the University of Denver. After her time at DU, she knew Denver was the place to be. She has a passion for integrated marketing communications with unique strategies as well as anything involving Spanish. When Bridget is not soaking up the world of marketing, she likes to get outside with friends and family.

Favorite Part about Living in Colorado: The weather.
On the weekends: Picnics, snowboarding, hiking and running half marathons are some activities that top the list
Strange-but-True: I have visited Saguaro National Parks on both sides of the equator

Randall Hartman
Public Service Chair (publicservice@ad2denver.com)
Account Manager: Big Buzz

Randall is a graduate from the Marketing program at CSU. Upon graduating he has his sights set on landing a gig in an agency, but ran into many obstacles. The biggest being no agency experience. So he hit the streets of Fort Collins providing local companies free marketing help. His favorite client was a local Labradoodle breeder called Hilltop Labradoodles. Currently Randall is an Account Manager for a local healthcare marketing agency called Big Buzz.

Favorite Part about Living in Colorado: My favorite part about living in Colorado is the community. Everyone seems to get involved with something bigger than themselves, whether it be a  local charity, beer league, or club. The creative seen is not only growing but embraced here, people respect our career choice and almost envy it.
On the Weekends:I like to get away on the weekends, which can mean escaping on the golf course, basketball court or back patio. Letting go of the stress of the job is so important.
Strange but True: Growing up, I have lived in Southern Cal, Spokane, Seattle, Burbs of San Fran, Austin, Portland, Denver, Scranton, and now my rents live in Miami, so I guess that is sorda home??? And no.. not military.

Sergei Krivenkov
Membership Chair (membership@ad2denver.com)

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and my family moved to Denver, CO when I was 6 years old. Growing up in and around Denver, I attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver where I studied Marketing and grew a strong interest in the advertising & marketing industries. Following graduation, I’ve been spending my time interning both in-house and in an agency setting developing my skill set.

Favorite Part about Living in Colorado: The mountains, energy and amazing people of Colorado.
On the Weekends: On the weekends I can be found immersing myself in all of what Denver has to offer, whether it’s the nightlife or Colorado’s plentiful park system.
Strange-but-True: I narrowly escaped being buried by an avalanche backcountry skiing one time.

Diana Barsan
Communications Chair (communications@ad2denver.com)
Social Media Strategist: Emerging Women

Diana recently moved to the United States and is eager to become a part of the Denver creative community. She is currently the Social Media Strategist for Emerging Women. Her experience includes implementing a wide range of local and national marketing activities for an interior design firm in Denver, overseeing public relations and social media for a major nonprofit in Bucharest, Romania, and coordinating and facilitating Model United Nations competitions. Diana is originally from the Republic of Moldova, where she was a national debate champion and fellow of the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Initiative at Wake Forest University. Outside of her professional interests, Diana is a polyglot who loves learning about new cultures, and has tremendous curiosity about art, design, architecture and fashion.

Favorite part About Living in Colorado:Photoshopped sunsets and drug-free double rainbows
On the weekends:Ride my bike and explore used book stores
Strange but True: I had a very happy childhood in the world’s unhappiest country

Lexi Niccolls

Programs Chair  (programs@ad2denver.com)
Office Manager: PILGRIM

When people ask me where I’m from, funnily enough it’s one of the toughest questions to answer. It feels as if I’m from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Although my whole family is English, I was born in the Philippines, lived in Hong-Kong, moved to England for a while and spent most of my growing up in Austria, where I was lucky enough to learn fluent German. I’m sure my passion for travel has rooted from it always being a steady constant in my life. Even being in an airport gives me goose bumps – I enjoy every bit of it. I fell in love with advertising while studying business consultancy back in Austria. I have always been passionate about writing and art, so it felt like a great path for me. After a few marketing internships, I finally wedged my foot in the door and am now happy to be working at a great advertising agency called PILGRIM, as office manager. (Hoping one day to move over to the creative side).
Favorite part about Living in Colorado:
It gives me sunrays, snow tips, gold leaves and raindrops (sometimes all at the same time-depending on its mood). Also, especially when the light hits the mountains just right, it’s magical to look at.
On the Weekends: Strange but True:
Our group always enjoys volleyball time at Washington Park on Saturdays and the Denver nightlife in the evenings. Sometimes there will be a country concert at MileHigh or an electronic festival at RedRocks.
Strange but True:
I’m terrified of people on stilts.

Jen Merrigan
Education Chair (education@ad2denver.com)
Account Services ManagerL Studio C3

Jen lived in Colorado when she was young and is finally back after a long hiatus. She graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a business degree in Marketing and International Business. After college, Jen spent 7 years managing accounts for full-service advertising agencies in Chicago and Milwaukee. She returned to Denver at the end of 2012 with a great opportunity to bring her agency experience to the production side of the world. She is now the Account Services Manager for Studio C3, a growing video production and motion design company.
Favorite part about Living in Colorado:
Since I lived here as a kid, Colorado feels like home but it is also a fun new place to explore. I love checking out new restaurants, meeting new people and venturing off to the mountains for a few hours or a long weekend. But my absolute favorite… the sunshine (have you ever spent a winter in Chicago?).
On the Weekends: Strange but True:
Exploring new shops, restaurants and bars; playing in the mountains, cooking for my sister and friends… hanging out at a park, patio or pool also make for a wonderful summer afternoon.
Strange but True:
When I was 13 my family moved to South Dakota to take over our family farm so I’ve bottle-fed baby cows, helped deliver litters of piglets and had several other farm experiences people don’t usually expect when they meet me.

Connie Tran

Creative Chair (creative@ad2denver.com)
State-of-the-Art: Philosophy Communication

Connie’s official title is State-of-the-Art at Philosophy Communication. She stays on the edge of great design and technology equally. Her art direction and design has been featured in Communication Arts for several clients. It celebrates the top 1% best work in the country. Her background in illustration and hobbies like traditional ink painting and screen printing inspire her design work. Her unique, artistic touch brings clients design pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Favorite part about Living in Colorado:I love Colorado for its contrast. There are hot summers and snowy winters. I love to explore the mountains and riding through the city.
On the Weekends: Sleeping in, watching movies, doodling, snowboarding.

Anukpon Eddie Viboolsittiseri

Creative Chair at Large (creative@ad2denver.com)
Owner: TealBot Designs and Apparel
www.Tealbot.com www.tealbot.storenvy.com

Life is nothing more than a masterpiece in the making. Living is the only hard part. Anukpon “Eddie” Viboolsittiseri is an innovator who creates in concepts rather than blunt descriptions. Whether it be in his designs or in his dance, creating something that makes people think and find emotion is what he strives for. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, nature is a familiar atmosphere for his creativity. Eddie has always found beauty in everything but most of all in nature. This is where Eddie finds inspiration in his work. As a conceptual designer, he looks for an emotion and expresses it through a story; this story has no description or explanation, just imagination. Growing up, Eddie found that art is not something that you would draw and color; it was more of an expression. Through the relationships he has made and the countless sources of inspiration, Eddie has gained skills to present his design and express his talents to go beyond even his most prominent dreams. The rest from here is history in the making. His masterpiece.

Quote: If your not reaching for the starts, you better be among them looking for a way higher.
On the weekends: Competitive Dancing, Writing, Cooking and looking for ways to innovate the world.
Strange-but-True: At the age of 6 I wanted to be a philosopher but realized that being crazy is a life-style and not a career; or is it?

Andy Garcia

Creative Chair (creative@ad2denver.com)
Designer & Art Director

Born in Aspen, raised in Vail, Andy is a mountain boy at heart. He now lives in downtown Denver where he spends his time thinking way too much about all of his hobbies and passions. Everything from art to web design to homebrewing to astrophysics, he is a true nerd through and through, and proud of it. When he’s not busy working in design, he also plays guitar for a band and helps to rock out the creative for Ad 2.

Favorite Part about Living in Colorado: Everything. I was born and raised in the Mountains (from Vail) and love everything about Colorado. It’s just the best state to live in. From the people, to the activities, to the craft beer, everything about this state is me. I love it and doubt I could ever leave.
On the weekends: On the weekends (if I’m not working) I spend time doing one of my many hobbies. I’m a professional musician, so that takes up a lot of time, but if I don’t have that going on I also train in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and BANG Muay Thai. And, of course, I am a homebrewer, so I also spend a lot of time making awesome beer to share with family and friends
Strange-but-True: I had a brief stint as a cage fighter, but couldn’t justify it any longer after college. Also – in the process I lost 75 lbs in a matter of about a year and a half. I used to weigh 230 lbs.




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